RESULTS, SATURDAY, 12th July, 2017

Trophy/Charity Day. Thanks to Nicki, Dwayne and Tash for coming out & representing the Paige Weatherspoon Foundation, and thanks to all the awesome sponsors for their support and donating the trophies.
Overall Winners:
A Grade, sponsored by Greenslade Engineering - 1st Mitchell Munzer, 2nd Daniel Allen, 3rd Jack Kauschke.
O Grade, sponsored by the Coopers Alehouse - 1st Luke Loechel, 2nd Anthony Watkins, 3rd Stephen Russack. 
Women, sponsored by Pit Stop Technologies - 1st Bianca Oliver, 2nd Kheili Warnest, 3rd Letitia Matters.
J125, sponsored by Greenslade Graphics - 1st Rory Hill, 2nd Mackyle Thomson, 3rd Jaden Thomson.
B Grade, sponsored by Kadina Electrical - 1st Alex Larwood, 2nd Rory Hill, 3rd Landen Panozzo.
C1, sponsored by Electrical NRG Solutions - 1st West Reid, 2nd Jayden Hank, 3rd Hugh Crawford.
C2, sponsred by Sprint Auto Parts - 1st Ryder Woodrow, 2nd Tomi Doble, 3rd Jayke Hansen.
Big thanks to Vanessa Thomson for having extra dress ups/costumes for the guys to put on! The Tomo boys were looking gorgeous with purple g-strings and pretty fairy wings!!! It was amazing!!!!! wishes to Sampson Rawle! Hope to see you up and about again soon.



Nicky Richard

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