The Kadina Motocross Club, formerly known as the Kadina Church of Christ Auto Cycle Club (K.C.C.A.C.C.), was formed in 1964 by Pastor Tippett and many members of the Russack family.  It was originally started as a Christian outreach to the community, but particularly as a sport with a difference for the youth of the district.  As the club was formed by the Church, race meetings are not held on Sundays.

The club has come a long way in the last 50 years with the facilities at the track constantly being upgraded – the car park, pits and track are being improved every year, water tanks, toilets, lap scorers box, playground equipment, watering system, big improvements to the canteen and equipment, starting gates, and of course track equipment is also a high priority each year with bigger and better earth moving equipment needed for track repairs, maintenance and changes.

The Club is still looking to improve the facilities each year, the big item on the wish list is Club rooms.  With the support of sponsors and members, we are hoping to be able to have our own club rooms with the canteen inside, an area for spectators and somewhere to hold our meetings and windup.

The motocross seasons generally runs from late April to late September each year, holding around 10-12 race days.  These include our points days, charity day (supporting a local charity), trophy day and pony express.

 Track Photo

The Kadina Motocross Club has approximately 200 members and has been the starting point for many young riders who have gone on to become some of the best in the SA and Australia.   Being based in Kadina, Yorke Peninsula, it is central for people from all over SA, and we are lucky to be able to cater for beginners (with a peewee track for the little ones) up to more experienced/older riders, along with many of the state’s best who race at our track each race day.  With the large number of riders comes a large number of families and spectators who are treated to amazing racing each week!  The club has always enjoyed a good family atmosphere and is a great, cheap day out for families which has also helped the club grow in popularity. South Aussie with Cosi did a segment on the club a few years ago when they were looking for cheap days out for families and were impressed with our club.

We have a hardworking, dedicated committee who take pride in ensuring the track is always in top condition and race days run smoothly. We are very proud of our club and how it has grown over the years.  What started out as a small family club has become one of the most successful clubs in SA and important part of many riders motocross calendar.

Although the Christian aspect is not as prevalent now, we’re sure that many prayers have been said on the start line, during the race or by anxious family members on the sidelines!!




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